Thursday, March 24, 2022

 Do you have trouble getting your dog in the car? Do they pant and drool for the entire trip?

This may be because the only time they get in the car is once a year to visit the vet for shots. 😖
Let’s make the car ride more fun while socializing your pup. 🤗
Take them places that allow pets like Home Depot. It’s an awesome spot. 😎
They welcome pets, so in any weather you can exercise and socialize! 🦮
My local Home Depot takes our pets’ pictures and proudly features them on their bulletin board!

Friday, March 18, 2022

 My customer, Justin, has four great Danes in his 1500 square-foot house.

He was complaining to me that they were everywhere; the sofa, his bed, the kitchen table & the counters.
His house was always hopping.
One frazzled day he called me and again asked what he could do to get his house under control.🤔
This time he heard me when I said each of his dogs needed a place of their own, crates. 🤓
Once Justin purchased them, set up and begin to use the crates he couldn’t believe the change in his household. 🤯
He called me very excitedly to say oh my gosh I get to sit on my couch, sleep in my bed and eat without competition.
I can have a fantastic relationship with the dogs individually or together and I can actually sit and relax on my couch!

Wednesday, March 16, 2022


If you think crate training your pup is hard try doing nine puppies at a time. 😬

As a conscientious Breeder I always started the crate training process before placing my pups.
One litter was nine puppies. 😱

The secret was to work with them during the day putting them in the crate to eat and take naps and of course putting them out frequently to potty.

During the day it wasn’t so inconvenient to have nine babies crying. But after a day or two they settled into the routine and would wait quietly in their crates until it was time for their next adventure. 🤓👍

Sunday, March 13, 2022


Wednesday, March 9, 2022

 When I had my grooming shop my crates were situated near the front door. The shop also had a yard in the back. One day I was out in the backyard with my Rottweiler, Apple.  I left the back door open and soon became distracted. After a while I went back in; Apple had gone in about 20 minutes before. When I got to front and saw the door was wide open I panicked! I ran outside screaming her name. (The shop was on a busy intersection.) I ran back in to get my keys and happened to glance in the direction of the crates. The crates, when empty, usually had doors open. Much to my surprise, I noticed one crate had an occupant. My Apple had come to the front of the shop, walked past the open door and went and laid down in the crate “(it wasn’t even her crate). I almost fainted with relief. 

Monday, March 7, 2022

 Wendy, a young great Dane was struggling with accidents in the house. I suggested to her humans to go back the crate based potty training. When they reported back to me a week later not only was Wendy more reliable in the house i.e. no accidents, she was settling down better and the house was much more peaceful. 

Saturday, February 26, 2022

 Do you love the dog park but hate trying to get into it?

 I remember the early years of the dog parks, BC, before the catch. As I approached the entry gate the song, “who let the dogs out?” playing loudly in my head. (Stress set to music) Every time a new dog approached to enter all the owners had to rush over to the gate and grab their dogs to prevent the inevitable escape.  Well frent no more, dog park designs have been improved to include a catch at the entrance and here is the secret to the dog park catch! And stress free entry (I need a new soundtrack ; )